About us


our vision

Focus on Results:
To take advantage of the resources to achieve the best results by Expand capacity in certain products and add new products while working on entering into selected new markets within Saudi Arabia as well as within the Middle East.

Ethics and morals:
We will continue to deal with customers, partners, employees and the authorities with the highest levels of integrity and respect and to reflect the values of the founders.

The Development:
Mth our responsible leadership morals , and our clear vision on the need to achieve our goals , we will constantly improve our performance, and continue to improve operational processes through the rationalization of costs and process optimization.

Quality assurance:
Strengthen relationships with existing customers by addressing their demands and maintaining highest quality standards in the same time.

The positioning and responsibility:
The Group seeks to attract highly qualified talents and enable them to do their work and responsibilities that reflects their best, to be fully responsible for their results.

Mr. Nayef Al Hammadi


Al Jazea Industrial has achieved a qualitative leap in the level of providing products that meet the highest quality standards that compete with their counterparts from international companies, thus enhancing its position as one of the leading industrial groups that enjoy the excellence and quality of the product.
We have a team of 500 employees with high qualifications and experience in various administrative, marketing, engineering, technical and financial fields, and qualified workers according to the highest standards and best practices.
We continuously recruit and train national employees based on our commitment to elevate social development and supporting the Saudization policy adopted by the government to activate the participation of national talents, especially young people in the process of comprehensive renaissance.
In this context, we focus on developing and creating a professional work environment capable of attracting Saudi talents and motivating them to work and raise their professional level and achieving personal and professional development. We are committed to preparing comprehensive programs and plans to attract the best human cadres and maintain their continuity and development.
Al Jazea Industrial has achieved great achievements in all the sectors in which operates, thus acquiring good stakes in the industrial markets in which we operate in Saudi Arabia. The geographical spread of Al Jazea Industrial and its subsidiary companies and factories throughout the Kingdom such as Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam contributed significantly to enhance communication with customers and partners and to provide a comprehensive range of top-quality services and products that meet the needs of the Saudi and foreign markets.
We are seeking to maximize our financial, human and logistical resources and expand our operations in all areas related to the industrial sector. We also look forward to exploring any promising investment opportunities, whether new acquisitions or establishing subsidiary companies that benefit the group and serve our vision of consolidating the position of Al Jazea Industrial in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.
Our success drives us to continue our work to realize the objectives of our strategic plans and future aspirations to contribute effectively in the economic development of Saudi Arabia and to provide the local and regional markets with the best products that meet the highest international standards.