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JDFF Metal

JDFF Metal

In 2014 JDFF Metal has been created with advanced technologies as one of the industrial investments, which is based on the metal recycling in accor-dance with the highest international standards.
and then re-sold for industrial use in the smelting and foundries, established on modern and sophisti-cated techniques for various smelting and pouring metal factories, locally and regionally.

JDFF Metal has equipped with the latest technology and the most efficient global and local expertise to achieve high- quality production over a series procedures focusing on the standards that preserve the environment and natural resources and to focus on the safety of staff.

JEDFF Metal contribute In the disposal of scrap and used metals, which represents a challenge for the environment on community level, so the compa-ny relies in the operating and manufacturing technique and is founded on various safety factors and the top “preserving the environment” by appling the latest international technol-ogies in the treatment of metal waste and recycling , as well as through concern for the safety of our workers in terms of providing safety and health mechanisms through laws and regulations adopted internationally that we have apply.
The company also offers a lot of ongoing training opportuni-ties in order to develop our staff; consequently we occupy an advanced and distinguished rank at the local and regional market level.
We also believe that we are able and capable to grow up to the elites as the largest source of recycled metals in the region.

We are committed to providing all our customers with the best products within international standards, and we are keen to full compliance with deliv-ery schedules, and continued to work to earn our customer’s satisfaction, through products that meet all industrial needs.