Petro JDFF

Petro JDFF

In light of the continued population growth in Saudi Arabia and the growing demand for oil products, Alialea Industrial has established Petro JDFF in the year 2014 to serve the local energy and fuel market.

We Provides an integrated and comprehensive products and services through the stations that belongs to Petro JDFF, where we focus not only to deliver the best services and products, but also high standards in terms of safety, and work place. As well as make all the required efforts to preserve the environment.

The economic success and outstanding service for Petro MIK, Is not the only criteria for accomplishment, we emphasis on continues hard work to preserve our customers and employees against the all hazards and threats beside take all the necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of injuries or tires destruction in our stations .

With regard to public safety and environmental substances, PetrolDfF works within the standards and provisions of global professional safety, health and environmental standards, so, the system of safety and health we use have enjoyed with legal conformity.

• Make Petro AWE brand that inspires confidence and quality in the sector of petroleum and oils distribution in the Kingdom.
• Create value addition by introducing new products and services through seriousness in pursuing business development opportunities in the available areas of business.
• Increase the market share through the applying of measures of optimization technology to achieve optimum efficiency In the use Aljazea Industrial resources in general and PetrolDTF In particular.
• Respond effectively to the needs of the market through establishing a widespread distribution network, while we are keen on its expansion and spread to cover the Kingdom gradually according to a deliberate plan carefully for expansion.
• Work on the coverage and service all the industrial and population centers within the general framework of the Petro JDEF strategies and market requirements